NSQG Awards

Every year, the Nebraska State Quilt Guild presents awards to groups and/or individuals that have made significant contributions to the art of quilt making in the state.

The award categories are:
Hall of Fame – Lifetime achievement and signi´Čücant contributions to the heritage and lore of quilts and quilt making in the state of Nebraska.

Golden Thread – Consistent efforts and great contributions to the art of quilt making in the state of Nebraska.

Silver Thread – Recent achievements and contributions to the art of quilt making in the state of Nebraska.

Radiant Star – “Outstanding Deed Well Done”

Variable Star – Celebrates the diversity of quilts in Nebraska and recognizes a noteworthy individual contribution to the heritage of quilt making in the state of Nebraska.

Friendship Star - Bringing Friends Together! This is an automatic award given to the chairperson(s) of QuiltNebraska.

The 2014 Award Winners

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Terry Heessel, Kelly Thomalla and Sharron Nejedly (Freindship Star),
Susan Brown (Variable Star) and Darice Cecil (Radiant Star)
Photo courtesy of Brittney DeBord

Award Winners

Hall of Fame

Ernest Haight, Grace Snyder (1986)
Mary Ghormley (1987)
Nebraska Quilt Project (1990)
Louise Howey (1991)
Sara Dillow (1994)
Quilt Preservation Project, Ardis and Robert James (1998)
Lois Gottsch (2000)
Paulette Peters (2002)
Mildred Parker (2003)
Patricia Cox Crews, Ph.D. (2006)
Brenda Groelz (2008)
Shelly Burge (2009)
Dianne Duncan Thomas (2012)
Sandi McMillan (2013)

Golden Thread

Wanda Dawson, Agnes Kleier, Joan Waldman (1987)
Lois Gottsch, Alice Torpin (1988)
Paulette Peters, Louise Howey (1989)
Dororthy Boettner, Sara Dillow, Jan Stehlik, Patty Kennedy, Carol Uebner, Mildred Parker (1990)
Shelly Burge, Sue Volkmer, Bertilla Conroy, St. Joseph Villa Auxiliary (1991)
Diane Deahl, Eleanor Hunnel (1992)
Sandra Anderson, Marion Fosler, Brenda Groelz (1993)
Bea Bauerle, Hazel Meyers, Eleanor Roberts (1994)
Dianne Thomas (1995)
Joan Waldman, Marjean Sargent (1996)
elinor peace bailey (1997)
Susan Seidel, Lois Lant posthumously (1998)
Jean Ang, Jean Ford (2000)
Mona Jeanne Easter, Em Jorgenson, Judy McClure, Bonnie Miller, Stella Schaffert (2001)
Alice Nekuda (2002)
Sandi McMillan (2003)
Esther Kleinkauf, Mary Richling (2004)
Carol J. Falk, Ph.D. (2007)
Sheila Green, Carol Kusek, Pat Sears (2008)
Chris Wiegers, Jo Morton, Linda Maloley (2009)
Janice Lippincott (2010)
Fay Kliewer, Omaha Quilters Guild (2011)
Peg Pennell (2012)

Silver Thread

Judy McClure, Cheryl Nelson, Chris Dahlman, Judy Zinn (1987)
Sara Dillow, Shelly Burge, Diane Harris (1988)
Brenda Gorelz, Pam Haas, Dianne Thomas (1989)
Janee Dlugosh, Mona Jeanne Easter, Mildred Fauquet, Fay Kliewer, Janet Kugler (1990)
Janet Phillips, Jenny Raymond, Mary Milligan, Pinky Clemens (1991)
June Vogltance, Kathy Murphy, Jean Ang, Janet Bamesburger (1992)
Lynn Greer, Katie Wilson (1993)
Pat Anderson, Nancy Dissmeyer, Kari Ronning (1994)
Bonnie Kucera, Elaine Martin, Peg Pennell (1995)
Nan Rippe (1996)
The Corny Bunch, Laura Franchini, Sharon Rexroad Ericson (1997)
Shirle Chaffin (1998)
Janice Lippincott, Denice Henrickson (1999)
Jenny Raymond, Julie Prescott (2000)
Sara and Byron Dillow (2001)
Lana Jo Reffert, Ann Bade (2002)
Roxann O’Hare (2003)
Leah Sorensen Hayes (2005)
Connie Olson, Louisa Renchen (2010)
Elizabeth Sterns (2011)
Amanda Benz, Jan Hibbs (2012)

Radiant Star

Frankie Best, Claudia O’Neill (1990)
Jean Davie, Judy Lane, Brenda Groelz [2] (1991)
Marjean Sargent, Jean Gausman (1992)
Zelma Fobben, Corelia Threet (1993)
Jo Baxter, Carleen Anderson, Sandy Yoder, Dianne Thomas (1994)
Diann Sorenson, Jenny Raymond (1995)
Mary Richling, Susan Richling, Alberta Martens (1996)
Roni Vapenik, Nancy Dissmeyer, Sandi McMillan, Linda Winter (1997)
Cindy Scheinost, Jan Sears (1998)
Beatrice Quilters Guild, Sandy Anderson, Kathi Kinnaman, Connie Strope (1999)
Mary Richling, Cindy Erickson, Jan Fry, Fay Kliewer (2000)
Sue Boyer, Sharon Nejedly (2001)
Merikay Gengenbach, Jenny Raymond, Gloria Hanna, Sandy Hanson, Brenda Kincaid (2002)
Julie Burgess, Jan Fry, Jamie Scully, Ann Reimer, Jo Morton, Susan Weber, Sara Dillow, Judy McClure, Janet Kugler, and Katie Wilson (2003)
Katy Miller, Shirley Myris (2004)
Janee Dlugosh, Jeane Stark , Diane Neff (2005)
Sue Boyer, Alice Nekuda, Ann Walker (2006)
Cindy Hansen, Fay Kliewer, Jo Morton, Donna Stratker, Pam Thomas, Gail Zeller (2008)
Peggy Bruns, Sandy Kosch, Cindy Scheinost, Sandy Hanson, Barb Engebretsen (2009)
Lincoln Quilters Guild, Merikay Gengenbach, Sheila Green, Marie Clark, Emily Snide, Katie Wilson (2010)
Sheila Beins, Linda Glisson (2011)
The Mother’s Guild of Boys Town, The Quilters Quilt Club (2012)
LeAnne Killion (2013)
Darice Cecil (2014)

Variable Star

Ruth Hanson, Minnie Rachow, Ruth Lippincott, Mary Weaver (1990)
Marilyn Maurstad (1992)
Barbara Herder, Mona Mueller (1993)
Joan Biasucci, Roni Vapenik (1994)
Esther Kleinkauf, Carole Samples, Chris Wiegers (1995)
Sandi McMillan (1997)
Rita Lukes, Mary Alyce Grow (1996)
Janie Borg, North Platte Valley Museum Quilters (1998)
Marilyn Ernst (1999)
Dee Augustin, Donna Stratker (2000)
Marion Fosler (2001)
Rita Jaworski (2002)
Burnie Kratky, Arlene Badgley (2005)
Marilyn Debban, Eileen Peterson (2006)
Diane Swartzlander (2008)
Sue Chafee, Cathy Audley, Sharon Clark (2009)
Susan Brown (2014)

Friendship Star

QNE 2009 (Lincoln, NE) – Carol Brandl and LeAnn Frobom
QNE 2010 (North Platte, NE) – Fay Kilewer, Shirley LaVene and Barb Hinrichs.
QNE 2011 (Kearney, Ne) - Sue Tillemans
QNE 2012 (LaVista, NE) - Patricia Varner
QNE 2013 (Seward, NE) - Sheila Beins, Susan Minchow, Maralee Meyer and Connie Phillips
QNE 2014 (North Platte, NE) –Terry Heessel, Sharon Nejedly and Kelly Thomalla

Special Recognition

Mary Obrist posthumously (1990)