Here are just a few of the things our members are doing...

The Library Project began in 1989 with books donated to 30 public libraries. In 1996, the program expanded to include ALL of the public libraries in Nebraska. Currently, 291 libraries are receiving a quilting book every year!

Our regional directors, with the help of volunteers, plan Quilt Gatherings around the state.

Guild members assist with the exhibit of quilt entries at the Nebraska State Fair. With the help of over 200 volunteers, the quilts are cared for during judging, hung and labeled for display, and finally taken down at the end of the fair. “White Glove” volunteers keep a watchful eye on the quilts during the exhibition and answer questions coming from the public.

QuiltNebraska is the annual convention that offers lectures, workshops, and fellowship. Putting on the event is a major undertaking and requires many, many hours of work by teams of volunteers.

In 2005, the guild began holding an annual October quilt show called Threads Across Nebraska. It has been enormously popular!